overGrive is a complete Google Drive™ desktop client solution for Linux

☑️  Auto Sync Google Drive to your computer

Sync all files from your Google Drive online to a folder on your local computer. New online files and changes are automatically downloaded.

☑️  Auto Sync or Backup local files to Google Drive

Sync a local folder with Google Drive online. New local files and changes are automatically uploaded to Google Drive

☑️  Select local Google Drive folder including external drives

You can select any local folder that the user has read and write access to sync with Google Drive online. External drives and network shares can also be used as long as they are mounted when overGrive starts.

☑️  Select Google Drive folders to sync

Select which of your Google Drive folders are synced to your computer. Currently only top level(root) folders in Google Drive can be selected.

☑️  Sync Shared files and folders 

Simply drag the files and folders from the "Shared with me" to your "My Drive" or create shortcuts in your "My Drive" via Google Drive online.

☑️  Convert Google Docs to Office file formats for offline editing

As Google Docs are not actual files, only shortcuts to the web, overGrive offers the ability to convert Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings to office file formats that can be edited locally.

Supported office file formats: Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as OpenDocument Text, Spreadsheet and Presentation.

☑️  Convert Office files back to Google Docs formats 

Changes made locally to Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations created from original Google Docs will be synced back to Google Drive as revisions of the original Google Docs.

Conversion back to Google Docs format only possible for original Google Documents. Other office files will be synced as normal files.

Supported office file formats: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint as well as OpenDocument Text, Spreadsheet and Presentation.

☑️  Exclude files by type

overGrive allows you to exclude files of a certain type from being syned. 

Files can be excluded by extension. Hidden files and folders can also be ignored.

☑️  Select how items are removed from Google Drive

You can select if and how overGrive removes files and folders from your Google Drive both locally and online

☑️  Backup Only option

overGrive offers a backup only option. 

This is ideal if you only want to use Google Drive as a one way backup system from your computer to the cloud

☑️  Sync Multiple Accounts *

You can use more than one account with overGrive but only one account can be active. 

Syncing more than one account at the same time is currently not possible.

A license is required for each account used.

☑️  Once off payment. No subscription

The overGrive license does not expire

Free updates and new versions.

 Supported Linux Distributions

Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Raspberry Pi OS, Elementary, Pop!_OS, Deepin, Zorin, Rocky, AlmaLinux, Fedora, openSUSE, Arch and Manjaro

 Supported Linux Desktops

Unity, Gnome, KDE, LXDE, LXQt, Xfce, DDE, Cinnamon, MATE, COSMIC and Pantheon

 Supported Languages

Afrikaans,  বাংলা,  العربية,  Català,  中文 (简体),  中文 (繁體),  Čeština,  English,  Español,  فارسى,  Français,  Deutsch,  ελληνικά,  हिन्दी,  Italiano,  日本語,  한국어,  Nederlands,  Polski,  Português,  Русский,  Slovenski,  Svenska,  Українська


Download - Free 14 day Trial / Full Version

Buy License - $9.99

Buy a license activation code for overGrive. The license code will be emailed after payment. 

NOTE: Please allow 10min for the license code email and check your spam folder as well.

NOTE: The license code is based on the Google Drive account email used with overGrive.