Setup and Getting Started

 * Gnome Desktop Users Application Indicator display on top bar (optional)

sudo dnf install gnome-shell-extension-appindicator

Start the application from the dash by searching for overgrive.

2. Connect account - Authorize your Google Drive account

NOTE: Sync options will be available after connecting your account. 

NOTE: Mint users there seems to be a problem on Mint regarding what default browser is set. If a browser window does not open when clicking Connect account, try the following command from a terminal window and select Firefox or Chrome as you default browser: 

sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser

3. Preferences


Folder location:

Sync options:

Removing Items:

Google Docs:




4. First Sync

NOTE : It is best to allow overGrive to finish the first sync completely and not make any changes while busy.

If the first sync does not complete it will open the overGrive setup screen again on restart. You can simply select Start Sync again to continue the synchronization process.

 5. Activate License

NOTE: The license code is only valid for the Google Account used during registration. 

If you get an Activation code error it is because the Google account used is not correct or the code was not copied and pasted correctly. It is case sensitive so upper and lowercase in the email does matter.

The current connected account is shown in the preferences menu.

 * Lubuntu / Xubuntu - Taskbar icon display (LXQt and Xfce desktop Users Only)

sudo sed -i 's/Exec=python3/Exec=dbus-launch\ python3/g' /usr/share/applications/overgrive.desktop > /dev/null 2>&1

sudo sed -i 's/Exec=python3/Exec=dbus-launch\ python3/g' /opt/thefanclub/overgrive/overgrive-autostart.desktop > /dev/null 2>&1

sed -i 's/Exec=python3/Exec=dbus-launch\ python3/g' ~/.config/autostart/overgrive-autostart.desktop > /dev/null 2>&1

sudo apt install yaru-theme-icon

 * Elementary OS - Fix top bar application indicators  (Pantheon Desktop Users Only)


Pop!_OS - Cosmic Desktop

Deepin - DDE Desktop

Mint - Cinnamon Desktop

KDE - Plasma Desktop

Select the "Prefer Light Icon Theme" setting in the preferences menu on KDE Plasma desktops.

Manjaro - Xfce Desktop