Where and when do I get my license code after payment?

My license code does not work. I get an "Activation Code Error"

overGrive stopped working. How do I reset overGrive?

Make sure you install and use the latest version

To make sure your setup is correct:

Select "Reset" from the overGrive preferences menu OR delete the following files from your local Google Drive folder and restart the program. (These files are hidden so use Ctrl+H to view in file browser)



You will find the setup screen again. Do the setup and click "Start Sync"

It does not download all the files again. It just "checks" every file and rebuilds the local cache file. It takes time, but no files will be downloaded if they exist already.

You have to wait for the sync to complete before making any changes.

Enter the license code if asked

How do I use multiple Google Drive accounts?

Why is the first Google Drive sync so slow?

Where do I find my shared drives?

Note: Access to corporate shared drives depends on the permissions set for users.

How do I sync 'Shared with Me' files and folders?

Where do I find the overGrive log file?

The overGrive log file is in your user's home folder .overgrive.log (The file is hidden so use Ctrl+H to view in file browser)

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